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    Aggācāra Dhamma Project as a non-profit Dhamma group strives to do Dhammadāna to the world because we sincerely believe that Dhamma is the best gift among all gifts. Since the Lord Buddha time, Theravāda Buddhism has been preserved for a long time in Myanmar and Myanmar is also renowned as a place to learn Pāḷi, Abhidhamma and practicing meditation. Our main project is to bring Dhamma talks and Dhamma books which exist in Myanmar and translate them into other languages. We also publish and distribute books from overseas.

     We also host good Dhamma books from various authors and translators.


Sayadawgyi Dr. Nandamālā’s English books
1. Buddha’s Advice to Rāhula (2012)    
The Buddha's advice to his only one son, Venerable Rāhula.
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2. Analytical Study of Vedanā (2013)     
     Critical analysis on different types of feeling, the causes and cessation of feeling, the   contemplation on feelings.                                                        [Webpage]   [PDF file]

3. Bhikkhunī Sāsana in Theravāda Tradition (Mac 2015)      
 This is viewpoint of Burmese's sayadaw regarding Bhikkhuni ordination. He explains the reasons why bhikkhuni ordination is not accepted.
We include here for the readers to understand why Bhikkhuni ordination is not acceptable in Myanmar society. The best way to help nuns to support them socially and through education.

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4. Yuganaddha of Patisambhida- How to practice Insight and Calm meditation (2016) 
This is an interesting book because it shows that one can choose different ways to practise meditation, either doing Samatha (Calm) or Vipassana (Insight), or both of them together. In this book, Sayadaw discuss from the Abhidhamma viewpoint and how to do actual meditation.
 [PDF file

5. The Analytical Study of Dependent Origination  (Paṭicca-samuppāda) in the Perspective of Conditional Relations (Paṭṭhāna)  (2019)

                                                                 [PDF file]

Buddhist Counselling for Depression and Anxiety
A real case study on a young lady who had depression and panic attack.(2018)


1. Theelon Sayadaw (2013) (An ancient meditation teacher in Myanmar)
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2. Candā Theri (2013)
3. The effective methods to recite Bojjhaṅga sutta by Mingun Sayadaw (2013)
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4. 蚁垤经 , 2012 (Chinese translation of Vammika Sutta by Mahasi Sayadaw)

5. Pāḷi Study No. 1:The Flower Garland of Roots’ Meaning   (Jan 2015)
Translated from the introduction page of a Pāḷi-Burmese dictionary
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